In 2014, the 105 and 106 old reform bases in Jinzhou residential area of Daqiao Street were simultaneously launched. At the time, Chen Suying, who was the director of the Jinzhou Residential Area Neighborhood Committee, cooperated with the expropriation office to carry out the residents' collection work. “The work is heavy and the working hours are tight, but I can still see that Mr. Yang summarizes the work and problems of the day after the end of other people’s work.”

Chen Suying recalled that during the signing of the promotion process, there was an isolated and inhabitant resident who disagreed and disapproved the results of the identification of his own private housing area, but provided no substantive basis, so he did not sign the contract. After Yang Dong was informed, he rushed to the residential building site for on-the-spot investigation and found that the situation was basically true. He immediately went to the relevant housing management department, archives, and private office to check the information for verification. Due to the long history of the house, many materials are missing, which has brought many obstacles to the verification work. Yang Dong did not give up, looking for clues in the complicated and complicated materials, and the hard work pays off, finally found relevant information, helped the elderly to correct the deviation of the housing area, and successfully signed the compensation agreement.


The heart is filled with residents, all for the residents. The old Xia Genyu lived in a 7-square-meter lodge before the old change, and he refused to sign the contract with too high a demand. Under the leadership of Yang Dong, the staff of Yangpu Erzheng took the initiative to come to the elderly to chat with the elderly, help clean the room, and send daily necessities. In the frequent emotional exchanges, the old man opened his heart and gave up the high demands, signed the contract to get compensation, and also selected a satisfactory resettlement house. Afterwards, the handling staff and the cadres of the neighborhood committee helped the weak and sick Xia Laotai to go through the procedures for the sale of gas and tap water, and went around to rent the transitional house, packing the furniture and debris, and using the private car to move it. The family service In exchange for a smile that the old man is satisfied with. "The old change is also paying attention to after-sales service. It is not a contract, even if the task is completed. I hope the residents will come back and have a good meal together even if they move away from the New Year." Yang Dong said.






在杨浦的第二次征税中,每个人都知道杨栋的“一制五制”平台。一是建立“基地工程”平台,提高年轻人才。五个系统,即建立“干部助理系统”平台,在培养年轻人独立的实践中;构建“生产定期制”平台,强化年轻干部的目标,责任,时间意识;建立“责任制”平台,增强青年团队人才精神;建立“业务培训体系”平台,提升青年人才的思想政治素质和业务能力;建立“轮岗培训体系”平台,安排中,基层干部管理各部门岗位,并设置行政岗位。员工被列入基地一线业务岗位。 “我从年轻员工那里一步一步地成长起来。我希望为每位员工提供发展机会,并把他们放在最适合发光的位置。“杨冬说。杨浦第二征收办公室房屋征收部经理张旭在“一化五制”的培训下,在过去的六年里,从普通经理到“征收,勇于面对,业绩率” “人。








XXIn order to further accelerate the speed of the company's collection of projects, and to achieve institutionalization, standardization, and standardization of work processes, under the leadership of Yang Dong,《项目基地房屋类件袋审核流程》,《房屋征收补偿审核办法》,《前期调查工作作业指导书》involved in the preliminary work, viewing, publicity, and compensation decisions. ] ,《基地宣传布置作业指导书》and《看房选房作业指导书》and other house expropriation work practices have been issued, and compiled into《征收补偿决定工作作业指导书》(execution force? production articles), used to guide the specific collection work. Provides guidelines for standardizing operational procedures, cracking problems, speeding up contracting, and improving service quality.

In the work, Yang Dong found that special groups such as low-income workers, disabled (mental) and major medical personnel, “two-legged” and drug addicts, out-of-pocket borrowers, private housing producers, and non-mixed households are always difficult to collect. Once you miss the prize period, there are fewer listings and rewards, and it is more difficult to sign up. If you accidentally, it will settle down to the final stage. “First overcome the difficulties and try to help these groups sign contracts before the 85% agreement comes into effect to ensure their legitimate interests are maximized.” Under Yang Dong’s suggestion, the levy team will decompose these special group’s collection tasks to each team member. Everyone sinks into the front line, analyzes the church, builds a mediation platform, holds a special promotion meeting, and serves all kinds of special objects, so that the people can bid farewell to the old and move into the new home. "Policy is open, the house is open, everything is open, or the sun is demolition." Many residents are happy to say.


The transformation of the old district involves the immediate interests of the residents and is the largest livelihood project of Yangpu. "We will continue to work on the hot land of Yangpu to realize the dream of livability and the struggle for the development of Yangpu." Yang Dong said.

Text: Cheng Jiajia

Photo: Zhang Weiwei, Wang Xiuyuan

Ye Jiaqi